I AM PILATES is a fully equipped boutique Pilates studio located in Newport on Sydney's Northern Beaches, offering Private and Semi-private Studio Sessions and Mat classes at the Bayview Golf Club.



"I hobbled into my first class with chronic lower back pain and sciatica down my right butt cheek and leg. I had recovered from back surgery 9 years earlier on my L5 S1 and I thought that my back had melted down again - at this stage I thought I would either need surgery again or this was just how life would be.  By this stage I had been trying to get rid of the pain for almost 10 months. I was at my wits end until I was introduced to Carolina and Pilates.  The way she was able to understand what was going on with my pain and body was second to none. Her enthusiasm and dedication to help me get rid of the pain was so refreshing; unlike other people I had seen in the past, I never felt as if I was just a number.

It was a common occurrence to receive a text the day after a Pilates Session to see how I pulled up from the class. This was fantastic in the sense that we could target the following session to suit how my body was responding. If I ever felt any pain during an exercise Carolina would alternate the exercise to avoid aggravating the painful area. 

In 20 Private Pilates Sessions I went from not being able to surf and eating anti-inflammatory pills to 'pain free' and able to surf twice a day if my family life allowed! I am a builder, which is demanding on my body, and I now have the strength to get through the day pain free thanks to Carolina and I AM Pilates. Give it a crack; what have you got to lose!"

- Andrew

"Carolina Longo has been my Pilates instructor now for several years.  At the outset, I was in peak health, looking to stay strong and flexible.  I then needed to navigate several significant health challenges.  And today, I’m fit and healthy again.  Carolina was able to meet me through all of those chapters and help me to be at my best at every point.  She uses all the knowledge and expertise she has from her physiotherapy qualification and Pilates training.  But in addition, she’s constantly looking for the next opportunity to learn and grow.  As a result, I’ve benefited from her great foundation of training and experience, combined with a freshness, currency and genuine passion for what she does.  With Carolina, you have someone not only committed to mastery, but someone committed to staying there.  To me, that's gold. I recommend Pilates with Carolina at her beautiful I AM Pilates Newport studio, without hesitation."

- Natarsha